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Secret of Hydrogen Water


One Molecule of Water is made up of 2 Hydrogen Atoms + 1 Oxygen Atom. During Catalytic Ionization of Smooth Hydrogen System, the Hydrogen part of water receives an extra electron charge making the water as “Activated Hydrogen Water”. 2 Molecules of Water with Water neutralize a Free Radical Oxygen. In doing so, 1 extra molecule of pure water is created. This is known as Cell Hydration at Cellular level. Free Radical Oxygen neutralized by 2 hydrogen atoms from both water molecules, converts harmful free radical into harmless part of water molecule. This is a form of removal of oxidation process in our ody. Oxidation of cells causes death of cells. Dying of cells causes aging.


Features of Hydrogen Water

  • Improvement of blood sugar and HbA1c level in diabetes 在糖尿病改善糖尿病血糖和糖化血红蛋白水平
  • Improvement of peripheral circulation in diabetic gangrene 改善末梢循环及糖尿病坏疽
  • Improvement of liver function in hepatic diseases, cirrhosis of liver, hepatitis. 改善肝功能的肝疾病的,肝,肝炎肝硬化。
  • Improvement of uric acid level in gout 改善痛风尿酸水平
  • Improvement of gastrointestinal ulcers and prevention of recurrences 改善胃肠道溃疡和预防复发
  • Improvement of cholesterol level; hypertension, hypertensive, angina, myocardial infarction. 改善胆固醇水平;高血压,心绞痛,心肌梗塞。
  • Improvement of hypersensitive disorders; urticaria; atomic dermatitis asthma etc. 改善过敏性疾病;荨麻疹,特应性皮炎的哮喘
  • Improvement of so called specific diseases; Syndrome, Crohn disease, ulceration colitis, Kawasaki disease 改善所谓的特定疾病;综合征,克罗恩病,溃疡性结肠炎,川崎病
  • Improvement of dysmenorrhea, climacteric disorders. 改善痛经,更年期障碍等。
  • Improvement of general malaise, chronic constipation & diarrhea as well as persistent diarrhea occurred after gastric resection. 胃切除后发生全身不适,慢性便秘和腹泻,以及持续性腹泻的改进。
  • Improvement of hyperbilirubinemia in newborns 改善高胆红素血症的新生儿

Filter A – Doulton Ceramic

Pores measuring less than 0.9 micron in pore size to ensure that filter 99.99% of dust, rust, suspended solid, germs, fungus and other pollutants.

Filter B – Resin

To soften the hand water.

Filter C – Nano Silversol Activated Carbon + KDF

  • Removing residual chlorine, colour, unpleasant odors, THMS, organic compound.
  • Filter prohibits bacteria growth.
  • Contains abundant minerals.
  • Excellence in porosity.
  • Emit of negetive ion.

Filter D – Bio Ceramic Ball

  • Contains above 10 kinds of minerals.
  • Diminution of heavy metals.
  • Containing inorgancs minerals.
  • Excellence porous ceramics in anti-bacteria action.
  • Produce more than 96% FIR rays.
  • Produces lots of negative ion with an with an increase in dissolved exygen.
  • Deodorization function
  • Improve water taste.

Filter E – Japan Fibre Carbon Block with Hydrogen A 700

  • Latest Japan Technology, ACF Fibre is wet-molded made from activated carbon and synthetic fiber.
  • High chlorine reduction and effectively prevent bacteria growth.
  • Produce resonant vibration for water molecular restructuring and increase high dissolved oxygen.
  • Active hydrogen to reduce the electric potential to mV to neutralize the free radial in the body.
  • Anti-oxidation effect.

Filter F – Nanosol Activated Carbon Block

  • with 10 micron filtration rating
  • No release carbon fines.
  • Execellent drinking water or polishing water
  • Reduction of certain organic chemicals (VOCs)
  • Anti-bacteria is made fron coconut shells after active fibrosis.
  • Absorb color, odor, toxic substances (chlorine, tryhalomethances, organic chemicals) and radioactive compounds.