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Product Details

产品特征/ Features:

  • 有自然能量及含氧量高 Natural energy and high oxygen contents.
  • 水分子团极微小、渗透力强 Smallest water molecule clusters
  • 轻易被人体吸收及渗入细胞 Easily penerates into and absorbs by our body cells.
  • 含人体必需矿物质 Contains essential minerals.
  • 有效帮助身体排毒,恢复健康活力 Effective removes impurities and toxins from our body.
  • 强力过滤水功能 High effective filtration system
  • 绝佳杀菌功能 Bacteria free
  • 容易及快速安装 Easy & quick installation
  • 经济及方便使用 Economics, easy operation and handling.