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Environment pollution such as water pollution is currently a major issue faced by mankind. As such, water purification is now a major task that requires special attention in our modern society. As you may know water play a very important role in our daily consumption and usage. When our body is bombarded with the impurities and toxic from the polluted water that we consumed, we will be filled and accumulated with toxic and our health will be affected.

Now SPRINGMAX Twisteel Single UF Master Filter System, which uses the most advanced US Nano Technology Ultrafiltration Membrane System (using capillary hollow fibre) is your answer to the most reliable water purification system, SPRINGMAX Twisteel Single UF Master Filter System is designed specially to solve the water quality problems by using the new innovative technology. The filter cartridge is formed by thousands of membrane with density up to 0.01 microns pores size. THe Fibre composition is polyenthersulfone a hydrophilic material that resist organic fouling and tolerant to chlorine exposure. Its able to filter all impurities and effectively remove the suspended solids including micro organism. The Ultrafilter is used to separate or reject bacteria, viruses, large organic molecules, colloidal & particles. These will ensure the filtered water is free from any contamination, particle & is safe to use.

The unique design with 2 in 1 flushing system (Auto & Manual) capable of filtering the impurities away without clogging the pores of the membrane, hence it can easily flushed out & indirectly shorten the flushing time thus save time & money.

SPRINGMAX Twisteel Single UF Master Filter System let you & your family enjoy crystal clear water and healthy lifestyle.


如今,SPRINGMAX Twisteel Single UF Master Filter System 一种采用美国最新纳米科技的中空纤维超滤膜滤水系统来处理我们的水源,绝对是你最可信赖的净水处理法。由于此创新科技,以数千条中空纤维细管所组成的滤网膜孔只有0.01微米,他能轻易的滤除水中杂物如: 泥沙、毛发、细菌及寄生物等。其独特的设计,再加上二合一手动及自动冲洗系统; 不但隔离水中所有污染物而不阻塞在滤膜洞孔内,也非常容易被冲洗出来。这不只节省清洗滤网的时间,也能延长其滤网膜寿命。除此奇特制的白钢外壳(SUS 304)及独特接设计,也使它更美观、坚固及耐用。

SPRINGMAX Twisteel Single UF Master Filter System使你家人安枕无忧地享受优质的家具用水。

Features of Hollow Fibre


  1. Membrane Pore Size 0.01 micron. 过滤膜密度高达0.01微米。
  2. 99.9% Bacteria / Virus Free. 去除细菌、病毒高达99.9%。
  3. Constructed with 1200 pcs of High Quality PAN Hollow Fibre. 拥有1200根PAN中空纤维超滤膜材质。
  4. Preserves Mineral. 保留水中矿物质。
  5. Turbidity 0.1 NTU. 过滤独度0.1NTU。
  6. Normal Water Pressure 3 – 4.5 bar. 在正常水压 3 – 4.5 bar。
  7. Inside-out System. 从中空丝内侧透过外侧丝滤系统。