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Our Selection of superior by typical authenticate stainless stell (JIS SS2B304) can protect ultra violet, long lasting most robust and well design. This date valve is composed of 2 opposite ceramic plates with high hardness (HRA > 85C) and accirate milipores (pore size < 0.0003mm/ o.3um). While adjustion the counter angles by rotating the 2 plates will achieve the running, reverse flushing, front washing effects of the equipped water treatment system.

此-口采用奥斯田铁系不锈钢(JIS SS2B304)制造而成。它不只坚固、美观、耐用,更拥有放紫外线的功能。该-门采用高硬(HRA > 85C)微密陶瓷及高精密(pore size < 0.0003mm/ o.3um)平面陶瓷,两片贴合后做相对旋转,用以产生不同水道流速,达到净水,逆洗的功能。

Springmax Outdoor filtration system uses multi-layered cotton, a high density fibre that can filter matter as small as 2 microns. This filter can stop contaminants from entering the filter. Impurities within the system can also be flushed out using the backwash feature ensuring that there is no bacterial growth within the filter

Springmax 户外滤水器采用创新纤维过滤布技术,此外层纤维滤布有效过滤媒介高达2微米。所有污染物都被滤除在外,之后再经过冲洗滤芯的过程,积存的污染物完全被冲出机外以防细菌滋生。