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Product Details

FEATURES of Springmax Water Filtration System 完美户外虑水系统器的主要特征

Springmax Water Filtration System is high quality, granular and unique filter media that can replaces conventional multimedia. It provides higher quality water & is equipped with the most effective backwashing system using 3/4″ pipe water flow rate (Auto Backwashing) optional. The steel body is fabricated by typical austenitic stainless steel (JIS SS304 2B & SS304 BA) which is widely is used in kitchen utensils, containers, tanks etc. This types of Steel Casing can protect Ultra Violet, Long Lasting, Most Robust, Well Design, Recycleable and also Environment Protection. STAINLESS STEEL Pressure Vessels Multiport Valve Our selection of superior by typical austenitic stainless steel (JIS SS2B304) can protect ultra violet, long lasting most robust and will design. This gate valve is composed of two opposite ceramic plates with high hardness (HRA ≥ 85°) andaccurate milipores )pore size ≤ 0.0003mm / 0.3um). While adjustion the counter angles by rotating the two plates will achieve the running, reverse flushing, front washing effects of the equipped water treatment system. Creating HEALTHY WATER For your LIFESTYLE NSF Micro Z™ MediaNSF Micro Z™ Media is a produced from a unique mineral deposit having high surface area and porosity. The surface structure of NSF Micro Z™ Media features microscopic mineral projections that allow particulate matter to penetrate deeply unto the bed. It can remove small particles in the water less than < 5 micron. These properties make NSF Micro Z™ Media an ideal filtration media. NSF Micro Z™ Media are high purity, low sodium, natural, zeolite, mineral powder or granules that are classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) under 21CFR Part 182.2729 and 40 CFR Part 180.1001 with ANSI/NSF Standard 60 & 61 Listing.   NSF Micro Z™ Media ADVANTAGES

  • Higher solids loading capacity. 卓越的运作功能。
  • Enhanced filtration performance. 拥有强效的滤水功能。
  • High service flow rate. 特高流量比率。
  • Reduces backwash frequency & conserves water. 减少回洗次数及节省水源。

NSF Micro Z™ Media VS Conventional Media NSF Micro Z™ Media 媒介与传统媒介比较图

Filter Media 原料 Nominal Rating 比率 Loading Capacity 过滤功效
Sand 沙石 20 µ 1.0 X
Sand & Anthracite 沙石及无烟煤 15 µ 1.4 X
Multimedia 多层次原料 12 µ 1.6 X
NSF Micro Z™ Media 媒介 5 µ 2.8 X

a) Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels Multiport Valve b) Pressure Gauge Oil c) QC Pass d) Stop Valve e) Unfilter Water Inlet f) Filtered Water Outlet g) Backwash Water h) Stainless Steel Casing (JIS 304BA 1.5mm) i) Manufacturing Warranty On Product from 1 Year to 10 Years.

The Back Wash System

i) Filter Mode As the incoming water enters through the control valve, contaminated particles are trapped by the multi layer bed of graded filter media,permitting only the filtered water into the house. ii) Back Wash Mode At the backwash mode, incoming water is reversed enter from the bottom of the media bed, with the internal build up pressure, particles are back flush into the drain, within minutes, the filter bed is clean and ready to work again.

Product Specification 产品规格表 :

Description Springmax 0842 Springmax 1042
Tank Height 42 inch 42 inch
Total Height 45.5 inch 45.5 inch
Total Diameeter 8 inch 10 inch
Valve Size 3/4 inch 3/4 inch
Media Capacity 30 kgs 45 kgs
Tank Weight 7 kgs 9 kgs
Overall Weight 39 kgs 56 kgs
Min Working Pressure 25 psi 25 psi
Max Working Pressure 120 psi 120 psi
Flow Rate 30 LPM 30 LPM

Ideal for 适用于 :

  • Landed Houses 平地住宅
  • Condominiums 公寓大厦
  • Restaurants 餐厅
  • Hotel 旅馆
  • Laboratory & Hospital 化验室与医院用水
  • Commercial & Industries Use 工业用途 ~ For Raw Water Filtration System 自来水再净化 ~ Use before Pure Water System 超纯水系统前处理 ~ Food & Beverage 饮料用水 ~ Electronics Industry 电子工业用水 ~ Equipment for Waste Water 废水处理周边设备

Springmax water filtration system Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Natural Filter Media. 全天然材料。
  • High dirt retention and High effective filtration system. 绝佳的除污功能及滤水功能。
  • Refreshing baths and showers. 浴室与沐浴用水也更清澈。
  • Cleaner, brighter laundry. 更衣物更清洁,亮丽。
  • Reduces water tank maintenance and cut plumbing costs. 减少储水槽的保养次数与维修费用。
  • Extending life span of drinking water purifiers. 延长饮用滤水器的滤芯寿命。
  • Economics, Easy operation and Handling. 经济及方便使用。
  • Long lasting & Warranty on steel casing. 经久耐用与钢身保用。
  • Enjoy your high quality water environment. 让您享受在优质洁净水的环境中。